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Hi! I’m Meagan, Mom, interior designer, wife, self-proclaimed comedian, and (now) blogger. By friends, I have been deemed the ‘Creator of all things pretty’. I’ll take it. I do love to try my creativity at all things. Sometimes it works… a lot of times it doesn’t. And that’s ok! You get a front-row seat to my trials and errors. Learn from me and my mistakes. I love all the different styles of decorating. I am a new mom (again) and am juggling a full-time job, homeschooling my five-year-old, and caring for a newborn all while starting a blog and interior design business. This should be interesting. Grab the popcorn!

I have been designing spaces and events since I was a little gal. Lucky for you, and all of my Clients, I have improved my skills. PTL. At some point in my early 20’s, I decided that I should start getting paid to decorate homes and plan parties. So I started down that path and have been everything from a home stager, wedding planner, antique booth owner, interior designer, crafter, and everything in between. Like I said, I love trying my hand at something new. You can see my design site by clicking Emerald Grace Designs on the right.

I am so glad you found Emerald Grace Life and I hope you stick around and laugh with me!

xo Meagan

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