‘Shelves’ Is A Cuss Word in This House

Where do I even begin? I guess we can start by saying we bought our house back in September of 2019. It was a blank slate. Normal, cookie-cutter builder home. BUT! It has high ceilings and an open floor plan and a wonderful back patio. Winning! So, this meant a laundry list of honey-dos. We had the house painted before we even moved in. I should also mention that we moved into the house in September and we were planning to be married in November. Just adding to the stress. Oh! And THEN we got pregnant. On our wedding night. What can I say? We are over-achievers, I guess.

We had our hands full getting so many things ready for a wedding and then a baby. All our plans and projects were just pushed aside.

I don’t want you to misunderstand me when I say, ‘pushed aside’. I was fully committed to these projects. By fully committed I mean mentioning them relentlessly to my wonderful and patient husband.  Well, certain ones I should say. There was a certain something that I (somehow did not realize) wanted in just about every room. Shelves.

Not to create any spoilers or anything, but I am so glad I get to say that word in this house again. SHELVES!! Ahhh…

So, what I can only assume was my doing, my husband got extremely annoyed by the word shelves. Shelves in the nursery, shelf in the closet, shelves in my office, the list goes on. Those were, I guess, what set him over the edge. Who knew?

Hear me out. I have a small office that triples as an office, craft room and now a homeschool space for our son. I. Need. Storage. My office was in disarray. So many craft and project supplies. It had become a catch-all for anything we didn’t know where to place. “Oh, just put it in my office. I will take care of it.” Big mistake. Huge.

Well with baby coming and me nesting and being ultra-pushy on all things house project, I just had to get the nursery done before baby girl arrives. So naturally, the nursery is the first and only room completely finished in our home. It’s also my favorite room. (Nursery Tour to come!)

Just look at these gorgeous shelves he put up in our daughter’s room. They ended up absolutely perfect. He questions the process sometimes, but once it’s executed, he gets it.

For these shelves, we purchased IKEA brackets (linked below) and a 1’ x 8” board from Lowe’s, cut to the length of the dresser (48”), sanded and painted (Pure White – Sherwin Williams). We assembled them and hung! Gorgeous! Since my Daughter’s nursery is a bit small, I wanted to hang the shelves high to create height in her room.

I found these Mauve Dried Palms from HomeGoods and the flower from Target! They matched my dried wedding flowers I attached to a large woven fan across the room. Swooning for all things sentimental.

We hosted our baby shower at our home and all my girlfriends attended. Each of them knowing ‘shelves’ was a trigger word. I am pretty sure he stayed outside most of the time.

Then, it happened. Six weeks after birthing our bundle of joy, I was cleared for all strenuous activities! Exercise, whoopie, and hanging shelves!

I spent a bit convincing him they are necessary given the state of my office and if only I had shelves in my office, I could then use baskets to organize and be more functional and productive. It worked.

We got these beautiful shelves up!

However, much to my husband’s disappointment, we did not have said baskets. Nor did I want to spend another $80 at the moment. So, I styled them to look adorable! He says he likes them, but I think I see him twitch a little every time he walks through the door and sees them.

I purchased 2” x 12” boards from Lowe’s, cut to length of the wall, sanded vigorously, stained (Special Walnut) and purchased brackets off Amazon (linked below).

These boogers are heavy so we anchored them super well as we will eventually build a desk to match underneath. Patience grasshopper. All good things come to those who wait…. And annoy.

I just love how these turned out and have made the room feel grander and encouraged me to organize and actually decorate my office as it s the first thing you see when you enter our home.

In all honesty, my husband is a good sport. It was kind of just a joke we liked to have when we mess with each other. The number of projects he has completed and day-to-day tasks he has covered during my pregnancy and recovery is more than I could have ever asked. He is pretty good about going along with my crazy ideas. Trust the vision!

Now all I need is shelves in the guest bathroom, shelves in the master bathroom, shelves in the…

IKEA Brackets – https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/sandshult-bracket-white-stained-aspen-50456403/

Amazon Brackets –https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QMFTVQJ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1